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How many crashes happen at night?

You know how common accidents are in Illinois and that you can't always avoid being involved in a crash; some experts have said that nothing the average person does is as dangerous as simply getting into the family car. If you're trying to figure out the safest times to drive, you may be interested to know that about 49 percent of the deadly accidents in the United States take place at night.

Unconscious man drives through patio

The patio at the Sarkis Cafe was destroyed recently when a vehicle accelerated and drove right through it, smashing tables and chairs along the way. The driver of that vehicle wasn't trying to wreck the place, though; he was just unconscious, his foot stuck on the gas pedal, driving out of control.

Tired teen drivers crash more often

Teen drivers are already one of the most high-risk groups simply because they have so little experience, but it turns out that a lack of sleep can make things even more dangerous. Tried teens are about 20 times more likely to crash within 24 months, according to one study.

After accident-related brain injuries, risks can rise with age

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in an auto accident, you may be wondering if the injury is going to bring about any increased risks that go along with aging. Though experts do admit that this specific link hasn't been studied too much, they do believe that the risk could go up in a few different ways.

Cars without proper maintenance cost $2 billion per year

Car maintenance is one of those things that people tend to push aside when they are on a tight budget. It's hard to value things like changing the brake pads or fixing a broken headlight immediately when there are other bills to pay.

Is it illegal to drive with no shoes on?

Have you ever had anyone tell you that it's against state law to drive without your shoes on? If so, you should know that this is actually just a common myth. It is not against the law in any state to be barefoot while you drive a car or truck. It's also not against the law to drive barefoot at the federal level.

Drivers must give pedestrians enough room in crosswalks

There are times when a car and a pedestrian both have the right to go through a crosswalk at the same time. For example, if a light is green and a driver is turning right or left, that driver is allowed to legally turn through the crosswalk even though pedestrians are allowed to walk in it, as well.

Rollover crash kills 81-year-old woman, injures six more

A Cadillac Escalade flipped over after running into the median in Bartlett, Illinois. It was just a single-car accident, but it still put many people in the hospital, as five passengers and the driver were all hurt. On top of that, an 81-year old woman passed away.

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