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Is it illegal to drive with no shoes on?

Have you ever had anyone tell you that it's against state law to drive without your shoes on? If so, you should know that this is actually just a common myth. It is not against the law in any state to be barefoot while you drive a car or truck. It's also not against the law to drive barefoot at the federal level.

Drivers must give pedestrians enough room in crosswalks

There are times when a car and a pedestrian both have the right to go through a crosswalk at the same time. For example, if a light is green and a driver is turning right or left, that driver is allowed to legally turn through the crosswalk even though pedestrians are allowed to walk in it, as well.

Rollover crash kills 81-year-old woman, injures six more

A Cadillac Escalade flipped over after running into the median in Bartlett, Illinois. It was just a single-car accident, but it still put many people in the hospital, as five passengers and the driver were all hurt. On top of that, an 81-year old woman passed away.

Kids are 12 times as distracting as cellphones

Cellphones are very distracting to drivers, and even talking on a phone—never mind texting and driving—can increase the odds of an accident. However, according to some studies, children are 12 times as distracting as a conversation on a mobile phone.

What should teens do to avoid accidents?

There's a learning curve with driving, which is why teens are often a high-risk group. They simply don't have time behind the wheel and they don't have experience. Classes and sessions with instructors are meant to help them before they're allowed to drive on their own, but teens should drive with parents or other adults as much as possible, even after getting a license. This builds experience and helps them get comfortable behind the wheel.

4 accidents happen in a span of just 6 hours

Emergency response teams in Illinois were busy on Thursday, October 15, as there were four accidents that took place over a very short span of six hours. All were close to Belleville, and reports show that seven people had to be taken to the hospital to get treatment.

Car slams into bus shelter, injuring 7 people

A 58-year-old woman was behind the wheel of a car in Chicago when she abruptly drove through two lanes of traffic and left the road; police still don't know what caused her to do it. Her car bounced up over the curb and then slammed into a bus shelter.

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