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Posts tagged "Car accidents"

Do you really need an attorney for a simple car accident case?

If you've been injured in a car accident, the process for recovering for your injuries may seem pretty straightforward: Wait until you heal, negotiate a little with the other driver's insurance company, sign a few papers and settle your claim.

Does your car have a black box that records crash data?

The odds are good that if you have a fairly newer vehicle with an airbag system, you probably also have what's known as an "event data recorder." This small device is similar to the "black boxes" that are installed in aircraft in order to record data about crashes. What could the presence of one of these EDR devices mean for you if you're involved in a serious car accident?

Who do you sue when the delivery guy hits your car?

Just about every business out there is capitalizing on the demand for more personalized services. Grocery stores and pharmacies, in particular, have picked up on the trend, offering free deliveries to attract more customers in their highly-competitive markets.

When cars speak the same language

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed a new rule this month regarding communication between motor vehicles. Vehicle-to-vehicle technology allows for the sharing of important information such as speed, direction and location of nearby cars and trucks. When combined with things like driver warnings and auto-braking, this technology can help prevent accidents that even attentive drivers could suffer. The NHTSA is proposing the rule in the hopes that setting up a standard format allows competing vehicle makers to create compatible vehicle-to-vehicle technology.

The first snows of the season often bring multi-vehicle accidents

The weather outside is frightful—and so are the nation's highways. The first snows of the winter season often create havoc on the highways because drivers who haven't dealt with ice and snow for many months seem to have forgotten how to drive in the stuff, and multi-vehicle pileups are often the result.

Failure to follow-up on recalls puts riders at risk

If you're thinking of calling Uber, Lyft, or even a taxi for your next ride, you may want to reconsider and get a rental instead. While national attention has been focused on the standoff between traditional taxi services and the innovate ridesharing services, another important factor got overlooked: the safety of the vehicles themselves.

Caution and knowledge can save you from a car accident

As attorneys serving Chicago residents, we handle a lot of personal injury cases involving car accidents. In fact, we handle too many of these cases. Even though it is widely-believed that car accidents keep lawyers in business, we want you to know that we do not need or want this much business. We would rather see our neighbors remain whole and healthy instead.

Does the color of a car change the odds of an accident?

You know that factors like speed and driver distraction massively change the odds of an accident. However, some people claim that the very color of your car can play a role, and that some colors are safer than other colors. Does science back this up, or is it just another rumor?

Big risk factors for young drivers

You've probably heard the old cliche that teenage drivers are the most dangerous of any age group. One important thing to note about this is that the notion is so common and repeated so often because it's true. The highest crash rates are among young drivers, especially those who are teenagers and those who just got their driver's licenses.

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