Verdicts & Settlements

At Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, in Chicago, our attorneys are committed to maximizing compensation and financial recoveries for our clients. In cases of workers' compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice and other injury law matters, we put decades of experience behind every case.

We are known for taking cases as far as necessary to reach our clients' goals. We will never shy away from fighting for your rights in court, and we will not be bullied by insurance companies and other institutions that try to settle for too little too late.

When results matter, make sure you have a determined lawyer on your side.

$25.6 million gross verdict ($23,050,000 net verdict) — Trucker run over by co-employee. Verdict against landowner for improper traffic control

$8.1 million -- Pedestrian accident settlement resulting from a 35-year-old man being struck by a dump truck.  This settlement is the highest reported verdict or settlement for a pedestrian in the history of Lake County, Illinois.

$7.3 million — Burn injury to worker from defective product

$6.75 million — Death of child and injury to driver resulting from an auto accident

$6 million - Police officer injured in the line of duty

$5 million — Medical negligence to child

$3.8 million — The 29th highest verdict in the state for 2017, this was a jury verdict against JW Marriott in Chicago for a 64-year-old attorney exposed to legionella bacteria from negligently maintained hotel fountain causing Legionnaire's disease who was not hospitalized and had resolved pneumonia within three weeks, but who was left with neurocognitive deficits forcing early retirement

$3 million — Medical negligence case for missed signs of infection leading to stroke

$2.7 million — Motorcycle accident resulting in wrongful death

$2.3 million — Jury verdict against JW Marriott in Chicago for wrongful death of an 80 year old physician exposed to legionella bacteria from negligently maintained hotel fountain causing Legionnaires' disease and death a few weeks later

$2 million — Medical negligence case for missed signs and symptoms of internal bleeding after stabbing, causing death

$1.9 million — Medical negligence resulting in death

$1.6 million — Anesthesiology error resulting in death

$1.5 million — Trucking accident resulting in personal injuries and a wrongful death

$1.4 million — Verdict (bench) for injury to hand from machine malfunction — product liability

Confidential amount — Death of worker at power plant

$1.4 million — Pedestrian crossing midblock hit by vehicle, leading to orthopedic injuries

$1.25 million — Medical malpractice for hand injury caused by blood clot (settlement while jury was deliberating)

$1.2 million — Pedestrian hit by car, causing cognitive damages

$975,000 — Orthopedic injuries from car accident

$900,000 — Vehicular accident — injury to fetus

$850,000 — Work accident

$800,000 — Medical negligence for anesthesia error, causing loss of digits on a hand

$800,000 — Product liability — hand injury from defective machine

$785,000 — Vehicular accident

$700,000 — Negligence resulting in the drowning of a child

$615,000 — Orthopedic injuries from construction accident

$500,000 — Work accident

$500,000 — Medical negligence — ER physician erroneously diagnosed miscarriage and prescribed fatal drugs to viable fetus

$500,000 — Medical negligence — wrongful death settlement for misread CT scan for chronic alcoholic

$475,000 — Work accident

$450,000 — Motorcycle accident

$400,000 — Motorcycle accident

$375,000 — Nursing home negligence

$350,000 — Medical negligence

$225,000 — Hip fracture in 84-year-old improperly monitored for fall risk

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