Seidman Law Offices - Construction Accidents | Video Transcript

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STEVEN J. SEIDMAN: The people we represent are the workers, the people who are on the line everyday, the tradespeople, the electricians, the carpenters, the laborers, the iron workers. Those are the people that we represent. Unfortunately, our clients have sustained many different types of injuries while on construction sites. Some have been unfortunately killed. Others have been brain damaged and suffered paralysis and quadriplegia. But others have had herniated disks, broken bones, and other wide-ranging orthopedic injuries. Our goal for our clients is to try to make them whole as best we can. When injured at a construction site, it is workers' compensation. But beyond that, you may be entitled to bringing action against others responsible for the injury. Everybody on a job site is responsible for job safety. That includes the general contractor, who is in control of the project. That includes the tradespeople, who are involved in the project, and other workers. When we first meet with a client at the free initial consultation, we'll walk through all of the options available for that person. We're a hands-on firm. And we're passionate about what we do.

[GRAPHIC: Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, Uncommon Results from a Small Firm, (312) 781-1977,, 20 South Clark | Suite 700 (Two First National Plaza) | Chicago, IL 60603]