Seidman Law Offices - Workers' Comp | Video Transcript

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STEVEN J. SEIDMAN: I've been involved with workers' compensation cases for about 30 years now. When someone's injured at work in the course of their employment, that is considered a workers' compensation case. Some of our clients' concerns when they're injured on the job is whether or not they'll be able to return to work. And in the meantime, they want to make sure that they're going to get their temporary disability benefits, their benefits on a regular basis, and that they also are entitled to receive and get the best medical care they can for their injury. When a person is injured at work, they're entitled to receive two-thirds of their wages tax free when they're off of work. They can go to a doctor of their own choice. And in addition to that, when they return to work, they're entitled to receive a lump sum settlement or award depending on the degree of disability they have. Our office is always ready to help and to be available for the client whenever that client needs us, including directly after an accident, a week after the accident, or a month after the accident. Our firm offers free initial consultations. And we go to people's houses and if necessary hospitals so that they understand what their rights are.

[GRAPHIC: Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, Uncommon Results from a Small Firm, (312) 781-1977,, 20 South Clark | Suite 700 (Two First National Plaza) | Chicago, IL 60603]