Helping Secure Workers' Compensation For Back And Spinal Injury Victims

The lost wages and medical expenses associated with a back injury can cause financial uncertainty. Medical expenses and lost wages alone can create a serious situation. As you or a loved one recovers from a serious injury, we understand that you cannot afford to leave any potential sources of workers' compensation benefits to go untapped.

At Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, our workers' compensation and personal injury lawyers are focused on helping clients obtain maximum benefits. For nearly 30 years, attorney Steven J. Seidman has achieved successful results for injured clients throughout Chicago and across Illinois. We are dedicated to putting our experience to work for you.

Do Not Delay Your Claim

Injured workers who wait to pursue their workers' compensation benefits often tragically discover that by delaying a claim, they have lost some of their rights. Additionally, clients facing serious challenges who don't work with an experienced representative often leave thousands of dollars unclaimed because they didn't have the information they needed.

Our firm has established a proven record of success for our clients, and we can help workers from all kinds of industries and walks of life who have suffered:

  • Paralysis (quadriplegia or paraplegia)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Fractures
  • Broken vertebrae
  • Herniated disks
  • Slipped disk injuries
  • Back sprains
  • Muscle damage
  • Back strain

Illinois provides "no fault" workers' compensation protections, which means that every worker who suffers an on-the-job injury may be entitled to compensation. Getting the knowledge and support you need to go after a full recovery is your first step.

Talk To Our Lawyer To Discuss Your Financial Recovery

If you have suffered a back injury in a work accident, schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney to discuss your workers' compensation claim today. Call 312-445-9034 or contact us online. We are proud to help workers across the state receive maximum benefits.