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Struck By An Open Car Door While Cycling? Our Attorneys Can Help.

Bicycling in an urban area can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Urban riders face a range of hazards, including the potential for being “doored” by a parked car. People may choose to ride for environmental reasons, health reasons, or simply for the joy that cycling provides. Regardless of the reason, everyone from daily bicycle commuters to casual riders deserves the opportunity to bike safely.

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What Are Dooring Accidents?

Dooring accidents typically occur when bicyclists are struck by car doors opening in front of them. They can also occur when a cyclist is forced into traffic by a door unexpectedly opening into their path.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, from January 2010 to September 2012, there were nearly 600 dooring accidents in the state, many of which occurred in Chicago’s North Side. Nationwide, more than 17,000 bicyclists and pedestrians are struck by car doors every year.

Holding Drivers And Passengers Accountable

Opening a car door into a bike lane or into the street poses an obvious risk. Drivers and passengers who open doors without checking to see if the path is clear are acting negligently. While the Illinois Vehicle Code requires a person to make sure it is reasonably safe to open the door of the vehicle before doing so, that is little help to an injured cyclist.

Filing a personal injury claim is often the only way to hold the wrongdoer accountable for the injuries he or she caused. Contact our Chicago personal injury lawyers today.

Experienced Attorneys Handling Car-Dooring Bicycle Accidents

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