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Speeding is a driving behavior that is difficult to fully understand. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has concluded that speeding is a contributing factor in roughly one out of every three deadly car crashes. Surveys of the American public show that nearly 90 percent of Americans believe something should be done to reduce speeding on highways.

Illinois has worked to curb speeding by increasing fines to more than $160 for a single infraction. Despite these facts, speeding continues to be a prevalent problem. Any drive on the highway will show that a significant percentage of drivers feel comfortable driving faster than the speed limit. In fact, another NHTSA survey indicated that only 14 percent of drivers consider driving 10 miles an hour over the speed limit to be extremely dangerous.

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The Impacts Of Speeding

Driving 60 miles per hour forces a person to make hundreds of decisions a minute. The greater the speed, the faster those decisions come. With reduced time to think comes a reduced ability to drive safely. In addition to increasing the likelihood of a collision, speeding increases the severity of an accident. Accidents involving excessive speed are more likely to produce catastrophic injuries or death than other types of accidents. Speeders are risking more than a ticket and a fine; they are risking their lives and the lives of their fellow motorists.

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