Keep your children safe on Illinois roadways

Defective Products | October 25, 2016

Since car seats for babies and children were invented, they have helped save many precious little lives. When used correctly, these seats protect users from different kinds of injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Parents who want to continue protecting their children should make an effort to learn everything they can about the proper use of car seats.

There are specific and important ways to secure these seats and to secure the children who sit inside. Failing to follow these regulations can put occupants at risk for injury or death. Parents should also learn about the age and weight restrictions for the many types of car seats available. Knowing when to switch to a larger seat can save your child’s life in an accident.

Another way to protect your child while riding in a car is to make sure your car seat has not been identified as a defective product. Despite manufacturers’ best efforts, occasionally a design or manufacturing flaw renders these seats ineffective or dangerous. You can stay up-to-date about car seat recalls by visiting the state’s website on children’s product safety. There you will find current listings of car seats that have been recalled.

If tragedy has already struck and your child was injured because of a defective car seat, you should know that you do not have to cope alone. You have legal options at your disposal that could provide you with compensation to cover medical expenses and other costs.

Our attorneys share a commitment to righting the wrongs defective products cause. We invite you to take a deeper look at your options for defective products liability on the pages of our legal website.