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National Teen Driver Safety Week Coming Soon

October will bring with it a number of safety initiatives as well as National Teen Driver Safety Week. Teen drivers suffer from elevated car crash rates. Car accidents are a leading killer of teenagers and the third week in October is dedicated to increasing awareness of the challenges facing new drivers. In addition to increased law enforcement surrounding unsafe driving practices, the week will feature programs dedicated to helping teens gain the skills they need to drive safely

Teen Driving Deaths and the Law

It is a widely known fact that teens suffer the highest rates of car accidents and car accident deaths of any age group. It is no surprise that the least experienced drivers would get into auto accidents at an elevated rate. What is surprising is the widely varying approaches taken by different states in introducing new drivers onto the road. While fewer and fewer teens are choosing to get licenses, particularly in urban areas, teens as young as 14 can be legally on the roads in South Dakota and Iowa. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is now recommending what it calls "best practices" for states in getting new drivers up to speed on safe driving.

Backup Cameras, Car Accidents and New Car Designs

Due to trends in styling and the need to make vehicles more aerodynamic to meet fuel standards, many new vehicles are sacrificing rear visibility. The blind spots behind vehicles are an important issue as roughly 50 children are killed per week in backup accidents. Taller, longer vehicles tend to have larger blind spots, but even small cars are now suffering from blind spots that can extend 40 feet behind the vehicle. Rear-view cameras nearly eliminate blind spots, but they are often an expensive option even in the few models that do offer them.

Cell Phone Addiction and Distracted Driving

Some people imagine that texting and driving is dangerous because of the moments your eyes are off the road and at least one hand is off the wheel. For these people, hands-free devices are an easy solution to the car accidents caused by cell phone use. Unfortunately, the issue appears much more complicated than that. Distracted driving is a problem that extends far beyond the problem of one-handed driving.

Boorish Behavior, Speeding Infractions and Fatal Car Accidents

When Indiana passed a law aimed at aggressive driving, it became the first state to do so since 2005. It joined 10 other states in attempting to reduce fatal car accidents by punishing aggressive drivers. The Governors Highway Safety Association recently released a report highlighting the dangers of speeding and aggressive driving. Roughly one out of every three deadly traffic accidents is caused by speeding. More than 10,000 people were killed in 2010 as a result of speeding. It is hoped that the report will help spur greater efforts to stop dangerous driving practices that have become commonplace.

Rearview Camera Law to Reduce Fatal Car-Pedestrian Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a mandate to Congress, requiring auto makers to equip all new passenger vehicles with rearview cameras by 2014. The cameras primary benefit would be to reduce the fatal car accidents involving vehicles backing over pedestrians, most often children. The mandate, first proposed in 2010, has been discussed by numerous safety groups as the best way to combat a common, and tragic, form of accident. This is one of the first measures proposed by the NHTSA designed to protect pedestrians from motor vehicles.

Children Injured in Car Accidents While Carpooling

Safety measures that parents insist upon for their own children may be ignored when carpooling responsibilities place multiple children in the vehicle. Research has shown that parents are more likely to expose children to injury in a car accident if they are carpooling. Properly securing more than one child in a vehicle can be time-consuming, or even impossible, depending on the vehicle. If you are driving other children, or if you are letting your children ride with another parent, it is important to make sure that all precautions are taken to protect those children from harm.

White House Declares National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

The President made a proclamation naming this December National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. The goal is to reduce the unacceptable number of car and truck accidents involving distracted driving, alcohol and drug use. The proclamation is just one of the tools being used by the current administration to reduce drugged driving by ten percent over the next five years.

After Mechanic Shop Visit, Check your Car's Hood Latch!

A recently published letter in the Chicago Sun-Times described the terrifying experience of a local commuter. The Chicago-Area driver recently had her car's muffler inspected after the exhaust system started getting noisy. Since the repair estimates were substantial, the motorist decided to leave the shop with an estimate and think about it.


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