Parents file medical malpractice suit after infant dies

Firm News | October 23, 2013


To most Illinois parents, the most awful thing that could happen to them would be to have their child die. The grief caused by such a tragedy would be made worse if the death could have been prevented. The estate of an infant who died is suing a Kentucky hospital after the doctor allegedly failed to monitor the boy after suffering from respiratory failure. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the doctor suffocated the boy due to an improperly placed tube.

The infant died in 2010. According to the lawsuit, the doctor was negligent because he failed to remain with the boy and monitor him after inserting an endotracheal tube. In May 2013, it was found that the doctor did not display the skills and care of a competent emergency room physician. His negligence was found to be the contributing factor in the infant’s death.

The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in Boyd Circuit Court in early October. A hearing is scheduled for March 2014.

Medical malpractice can be difficult to prove because one of the main elements involves whether or not a doctor met the standard of care. This element can encompass many things, as there is no set standard. Each doctor practices different specialties in different situations with different patients. No two medical situations are the same, which means that it takes expert opinions – from other doctors in the field – to determine if the doctor was in fact negligent.

Medical malpractice can be costly to prove. A victim cannot do it on his or her own, which is why a person should seek legal advice if he or she believes there is a solid claim Medical malpractice victims can file a civil claim for medical expenses, pain and suffering and a variety of other damages. If you believe you or a loved one has been a victim of medical negligence, contact our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers today.