Semi accident kills man in Fayette County

Truck Accidents | June 24, 2016


A man was driving through Fayette County, Illinois, when he was involved in a deadly accident with a semi. The Illinois State Police responded to the crash. It happened on Interstate 70.

The man who was killed was driving a small car. It appears that he was getting close to a construction zone, so he started to slow down to go through it, which is typically in accordance with the regulations in these zones — something that is all too common across Illinois in the summer months, when crews work constantly to fix damage caused during the winter.

The semi truck was following the sedan, but the driver did not slow down, and the semi rammed into the back of the smaller vehicle. The Fayette County Coroner came to the scene and announced that the man had passed away; there was nothing that emergency crews could do.

The accident happened on Thursday evening, about 15 minutes before six. The two vehicles were south of Brownstown at the time of the crash. The man who was killed — he was from Ohio — was 59 years old.

The driver of the semi-truck did not suffer any injuries, as is often the case when a large semi collides with a much smaller personal vehicle. The police did give the driver a ticket for failing to reduce speed to avoid the crash.

That ticket could be very important as this moves forward, as the family of the man who was killed may have a right to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. These can be won even in situations where tickets are not given out, but the ticket does provide proof that the semi driver was at fault.