Semi hits and kills cyclist from Evanston

Truck Accidents | November 19, 2015


A semi-truck hit a man from Evanston, Illinois, while he was riding his bike along the highway, and the man was killed in the accident. The crash happened on Nov. 13, a Friday. It took place in Skokie, while the truck and the man were going down Howard Street.

It appears that both the truck and the cyclist were headed east, when they came together. This was right around 5 p.m.

The 53-year-old man did not pass away immediately from his injuries. Emergency crews picked him up and brought him to St. Francis Hospital, which is located in Evanston. However, he ended up passing away after he arrived at the medical center.

The driver of the truck did not leave the scene of the crash and has not yet been charged, but that is in part due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. Police are still trying to determine what happened and if charges are needed. Those who are working on the crash include the North Regional Task Force Major Crash Assistance Team and Skokie detectives.

When police were asked specifically about common accident causes, such as alcohol, drugs and excessive speed, they said they had not yet come to a conclusion about whether or not those things played a part in the accident.

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Source: Chicago Tribune, “Cops: Evanston man dies after being hit by semi-truck in Skokie,” Lee V. Gaines, Nov. 16, 2015