Survey Says! Chicago Drivers Are Dangerous

Legal Articles | October 5, 2010

Chicago is known for deep-dish pizza, rabid football fans and one other thing: dangerous drivers. According to Allstate Insurance, Chicago ranks 167 out of 200 cities in driver safety. The average Chicagoan can be expected to be involved in a motor vehicle accident once every 7.6 years.

Fort Collins, Colo., was the safest city to drive in, with the average driver having an accident once every 14.5 years. But fear not Chicago. You could be Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital came in last, with the average driver being involved in an accident every 5.1 years!

What activities helped put Chicago in such dubious company? Drunk driving for one. Statistics show that many motor vehicle crashes in Chicago occurring between midnight and 3 a.m. involve drunk drivers. Nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities in Cook County are linked to drinking and driving. Even more disturbing is half of those involved in drunk driving accidents have never been stopped or arrested for a DUI previously, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Excessive speed is also a common factor in motor vehicle fatalities. Distracted drivers eating, texting or using cellular phones is also becoming a serious problem. Even Chicagoans distracted by their pets contribute to the Windy City’s infamy for driving.

Persons injured by another driver should seek the advice of a reputable personal injury attorney. An attorney can aid in obtaining payment of hospital and doctor bills, reimbursement of lost wages and recovery for pain and suffering resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Injured persons cannot recover from their own insurance company for pain and suffering and are at a disadvantage when dealing with other insurance companies. A competent personal injury attorney will overcome these setbacks.