The costs are high when truck drivers break the rules

Truck Accidents | September 22, 2016


In the interests of safety for all motorists utilizing Chicago’s system of roadways, the trucking industry has an effective set of rules and guidelines. These rules work well when truck drivers comply, but we know that not all truckers follow the rules all the time. It is a highly competitive industry and truck drivers must distinguish themselves to do well. However, when the cost of attempting to distinguish oneself above others is the loss of life or severe injury, it means the system is broken.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for the trucking industry to practice effective oversight of truck driver performance. There exists a plethora of ways to cheat the system and break the rules, increasing the risk of experiencing a truck accident. Not all truck drivers break the rules. In fact, many of them abide by industry regulations as well as the basic rules of the road and they deserve praise for their efforts.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, yet more oversight of the industry is needed. In addition to securing truck driver compliance with the industry’s regulations, the NTSB believes that the trucking industry should take a more proactive approach. One way to improve trucking safety and possibly reduce truck accidents is to identify potential hazards and develop appropriate solutions.

While encouraging more oversight sounds like a great idea, it brings little comfort to those who have already suffered a truck accident caused by negligence. Until a reliable method is found to discourage truck drivers from breaking the rules, victims must find satisfaction through the legal system. Please contact our Chicago truck accident lawyers today to learn more about the legal options available to victims of an Illinois truck accident.