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Recent verdicts and changes in the law have highlighted a recent surge in whistleblower lawsuits. Qui tam lawsuits are a special kind of whistleblower lawsuit in which the whistleblower receives part of the penalty imposed on the wrongdoer by the government.

As a successful law firm with the experience and resources to handle these complex cases, our Chicago personal injury attorneys at Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP can offer dependable representation for individuals seeking to bring suit under Qui Tam and False Claim Act provisions.

These cases are not only complex, but they also require careful evaluation and preparation to ensure that they are legitimate cases. Our professionals will thoroughly examine your case and ensure that you are adequately prepared to move forward.

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Whistleblowers who expose genuine fraud are protected from retaliation by federal law. As your attorney, we will work to make sure that you have the full protection of those laws. We will also pursue potential compensation you may be owed in conjunction with your qui tam claim.

Our Chicago firm and our lawyers are proud to have established a proven record of success in qui tam cases and other lawsuits. We have taken on and been successful in complex litigation across a broad variety of cases.

As a small law firm with established resources and experience, we can provide dependable, personalized service backed by the ability to fully advocate for you in and out of the courtroom. For nearly 40 years, our founding lawyer, Steven J. Seidman, has represented clients across Illinois. Let us put the benefit of three decades of experience behind your case.

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Qui tam and False Claims Act cases demand thorough preparation and a comprehensive understanding of the law. Contact our Chicago qui tam lawyer online or by phone to schedule a free initial consultation to find out how our experience can help you.