University Of Illinois Workers’ Comp

The university system in Illinois employs thousands of workers in a wide range of activities. With three primary locations and three additional satellite locations, the activities of the University of Illinois span the state and have a significant impact on the quality of life for many Illinois residents. When a worker in the university system is injured on the job, he or she deserves all the compensation benefits laid out by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. These benefits may include lost wages, medical expenses, lump-sum payments, disability payments, money for future medical expenses, and more.

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Understanding Your Injury

University workers may face additional challenges because of the breadth of job duties handled by employees. Few employers, if any, have workers handling such a wide range of tasks. University workers can be injured in construction accidents, laboratory accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and virtually every other type of accident. Injured workers can include those in academia, security, food service, and a host of other fields. The university’s risk management personnel may not fully understand your job duties or the nature of your injury.

At Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, we have nearly three decades of experience in workers’ compensation law. Our attorneys were previously retained by the University of Illinois to defend workers’ compensation cases for nearly three decades. Now, as zealous advocates on behalf of injured university employees, our attorneys bring the unique perspective of knowing how the other side thinks. This advantage allows our attorneys to obtain maximum compensation under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act for our clients.

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