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At Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, in Chicago our personal injury lawyers have been helping injured people protect their rights for decades. We handle every type of injury case, from the simple to the complex, everyone deserves an experienced attorney by their side guiding them through the often complex legal system and helping to negotiate with large insurance companies that are only concerned with their bottom line.

Our firm is here to help you in any way you need, from helping you discern what you should look for in a personal injury attorney to information on how to deal with insurance companies. Our only concern is helping you through the process as efficiently as possible so you and your family can move forward with your lives.

Call us at 312-445-9034 or toll free at 888-837-3275 for a free consultation about your case. With an attorney who is fluent in Spanish as well as other Spanish-speaking staff members, we are proud to provide our Spanish-speaking clients with the care and service they deserve. Hablamos español.

Our focus is always on our clients. We listen to your concerns about your situation, do investigations to ensure we have the best case possible, and work toward whatever goals you have — in this, every case is the same. We have the experience and the resources to take on complex cases involving catastrophic injuries, and a strong reputation in the industry that ensures our cases are taken seriously. Come to us if you need help with your:

Child injuries can result from any of the above situations and more. Child injury cases are unique because different laws, rules and regulations apply to a case when a child is involved. Our firm has handled many child injury cases, and we can help your child get the compensation he or she deserves. Reach out to a Cook County lawyer today to discuss your lawsuit.

Work-Related Cases

Our firm knows that many injuries result from accidents that happen while working on-the-job. Not all cases are considered workers' compensation, and many may include third-party suits. Whether you are wondering if your asbestos exposure or mesothelioma can be compensated, or if you are in a difficult whistleblower or "qui tam" situation, our firm can help.

  • Workers' compensation case: We help any and all workers with their workers' comp issues, including union workers, airline employees, university staff, and government employees such as firefighters and police.
  • Construction accidents: Construction accidents do not always involve worker's compensation because often construction projects include many levels of contractors and subcontractors, so it is important to have a firm on your side that can help you navigate the realms of third-party and workers' comp claims no matter your status.
  • Railroad accidents: FELA workers' comp claims and railroad worker accidents have strict rules and regulations when it comes to injuries on the job. Much like a construction worker injury, it is important to work with a firm that knows how to handle these cases.

As with any personal injury case, if you were injured at work due to defective workplace machinery or construction equipment, our firm has experience in defective product cases and can navigate the muddy waters of these sorts of claims.

Small-Firm Attention — Large-Firm Results

Our Chicago, Illinois, personal injury lawyers have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for clients, including a $25,600,000 gross verdict against a scrap yard in favor of a truck driver who was run over by a co-worker, a $7,300,000 settlement in a defective product case and numerous other multimillion-dollar results.

Hablamos español