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Monitoring is critical during labor and delivery

Women who are pregnant with a baby deemed healthy expect to have a problem-free birth. While most of these women will get this, there is a chance that something will go amiss during labor or delivery. It is imperative that they keep a close watch on what's going on so they can speak up if they think anything is wrong.

Doctors and other medical professionals who care for a pregnant woman have to keep a close eye on the mother and the baby. They have a duty to both individuals, and they are responsible for what happens. There are many things that might go awry during this process.

When are falls accidents versus negligence or abuse?

When you first receive a call from the nursing home to tell you that your mother had fallen, you were surprised. You knew that she had become weaker and less stable recently, but you never expected that she'd fall and get hurt.

Of course, a single fall doesn't mean that the staff did anything wrong, so you simply met your mother at the hospital to talk to her about what happened. She had hit her head and broken her wrist in the fall.

Road construction safety is critical for all workers

Road construction workers face serious hazards on each shift. This is especially true when they are working on a road that is already open. Construction companies must have suitable safety plans in place to help address these issues.

The planning for worker safety begins before the laborers ever report to the worksite. The company must study the plans to determine what steps can be taken to improve safety.

Defective 3M earplugs can cause life-long issues

Active duty military members and veterans alike are exposed to a lot of gunfire and other loud noises -- and that is often just in training.

You know you need to protect your ears. You bought earplugs to do it, and you trusted them. You thought they could keep you safe. Instead, you have a ringing sound in your ears that you cannot shake and your ability to hear has notably declined. You have trouble just talking to your kids or your significant other.

Why is abuse so common in nursing homes?

A nursing home should be a place where vulnerable people can feel safe and cared for. Since people are living longer lives, they need to be in an environment that can support them emotionally and physically. While many older people do receive the support that they need in residential care, a shocking number of others suffer in silence due to abuse and neglect.

Many people who have loved ones residing in care facilities wonder how such treatment is allowed to happen and why it is so common. The following are some reasons for the prevalence of abuse and neglect:

Do you have a claim under the Illinois biometrics privacy law?

Biometrics or the use of unique physical identifiers such as facial structure, voice patterns, irises or fingerprints, have been in the news quite a bit recently. The reason so many people are paying attention to biometrics is that there is interest in integrating police body cameras, security cameras and vehicle cameras with biometric systems.

There has also been an increase in public concern about the collection of their biometric information by private companies such as Facebook. With biometrics now allowing everything from access to bank accounts to mobile devices, the potential for the illegal collection, sale or theft of biometric information about individuals is of concern to the public.

Emergency room errors are a major concern among patients

There may come a time in your life when you need to visit a local emergency room for immediate treatment. It's not something you want to do, but if you're put in this position it's important to do your part in making sure everything goes right.

It's been estimated that roughly 5 to 10% of all emergency room visits are subject to some type of error. This alone should be enough for you to understand the importance of protecting yourself.

Nurses taking legal action over short-staffing issues

Typically, cases of nursing neglect comes to light from the neglected patients or their survivors ... which is why the proactive stance that some registered nurses in Chicago have taken deserves a mention. These dedicated professionals are concerned that short-staffing at the University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) are a major risk to the patients.

As such, many have filed formal complaints against the facility with both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Their complaints allege that USMC failed to comply with state and federal laws which jeopardized the safety of the patients in the facility.

Some deadly car accident injuries are painless

Car accidents are often confusing and frightening for those who experience them. It may feel like a great relief to make it through an accident with no pain or discomfort afterwards. While it is certainly possible to experience an accident without suffering injuries, this is less common than many people realize.

In fact, some of the most harmful injuries do not cause pain or discomfort right away. Delayed pain injuries may not produce pain for a few hours, such as whiplash, or may remain hidden for a week or more in the case of a mild traumatic brain injury.

Legionella Bacteria Identified In Mercy Hospital Water System

An investigation is underway at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center this week. Health and safety officials obtained information that two patients had fallen victim to Legionnaire's disease due to exposure that may have occurred at Mercy. Legionnaire's disease is the result of exposure to Legionella bacteria which only occurs when a building's water system is kept in substandard conditions.

Legionnaire's disease is entirely preventable. The conditions that lead to the growth of Legionella bacteria are well-known. When a water system is maintained properly, the bacteria won't grow. However, facilities that fail to maintain proper water safety standards can expose visitors to significant danger. An illness that at first feels like the flu can turn fatal if not treated quickly. 


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