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A head injury can end a high-earner’s career

A minor brain injury can make even the simplest job difficult or impossible to perform. Unless you have a "drone job" that requires very little critical thinking or attention, suffering a minor brain injury may completely destroy your career, and do it quickly.

One of the most difficult things about minor brain injuries is that they don't always cause symptoms immediately, so a victim may experience a blow to the head and think that they didn't suffer any damage because their head doesn't hurt afterward and they don't notice any immediate side effects.

Half of nursing home residents suffer from depression

You know all about the physical challenges that a loved one faces when moving to a nursing home, and perhaps those challenges are the main reason for the move. The person has trouble with mobility and cannot take care of themselves. They need constant care from the staff just to accomplish daily tasks.

However, you need to remember that many residents also face mental and emotional challenges. The staff has to know how to deal with these properly.

How can patients decrease the likelihood of medical malpractice?

No one wants to suffer serious injuries as a result of going to a doctor. However, many medical providers make grave errors during surgical procedures that hurt their patients. Or, they make mistakes when diagnosing patients and giving treatments. These mistakes could result in injury or death.

Since everyone faces the risk of getting hurt by a negligent or reckless doctor, it's important that patients take proactive steps to prevent becoming a victim of medical malpractice.

Holding doctors accountable when they don't diagnose properly

Medicine can be a high-stress career. Doctors may have to make life-and-death decisions for patients. A mistake they made could cost someone their health, their mobility or even their life. However, doctors typically receive excellent compensation for the high-stress work that they do, and it is not too much to expect that they live up to the standards set by the medical community in which they practice.

Patients pay to have an expert opinion of their health and a diagnosis of any conditions impacting their well-being. Diagnosis is one of the most critical parts of medicine. When doctors fail to adequately investigate the causes of symptoms, patients often end up paying the price.

Recent outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease highlight the importance of accountability

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is investigating new cases of Legionnaires' disease. One outbreak in Champaign County may be tied to the First Christian Church where several victims recently attended a wedding. Another outbreak occurred at the Embassy Suites in Chicago. These outbreaks are a serious health matter and anyone exposed needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Caught early enough, the disease can be treated with antibiotics.

Legionnaires' disease is a deadly condition that is often caused by improper maintenance of water or air conditioning systems. The disease spreads when victims inhale water contaminated with Legionella bacteria. Hotels and apartment buildings are common sites for these outbreaks, as they contain hot tubs, spa pools, shower heads, indoor fountains, irrigation systems and other sites where water can stagnate and become contaminated. When proper prevention standards are followed, the Legionella bacteria cannot thrive. Failure to follow these standards is a sign of negligence by property owners and managers. 

Important signs of nursing home negligence and abuse

Nursing home negligence and abuse are problems not often spoken about. People tend to err on the side of trusting nursing homes to provide proper care to their loved ones. This could be a huge mistake because these issues occur at a rate greater than what most people realize.

Don’t forget about the “black box” after a truck accident

After any kind of traffic accident, it is important to gather as much evidence as you can at the scene of the collision before cleanup crews arrive and clear away the wreckage. The evidence present before the cleanup crews arrive is often crucial to building an effective personal injury claim. Once the evidence is gone, it is very difficult or even impossible to recover.

While this is true in all traffic accidents, the stakes are usually much higher when it comes to accidents involving large commercial trucks. These enormous vehicles often cause immense damage and leave victims with serious injuries that require extensive emergency medical care and may involve months or years of treatment to reach recovery — or for the victim to learn to live with a permanent disability brought on by the accident.

Serious car accident injuries don’t always cause pain

Immediately after any car accident, it is not always easy or even possible to know if you suffered a serious injury. Many such accidents cause only damage to the vehicles involved, but more often than victims realize, an accident may also leave them with injuries that do not cause any pain or discomfort for hours or even days after the accident occurs.

An injury that does not cause pain initially, known as a delayed pain injury, is still potentially dangerous, especially if it does not receive proper medical attention. If the injury is in the victim's abdomen, it may even worsen into a life-threatening condition before he or she realizes there is any problem at all.

What are the elements of medical malpractice?

Entering a hospital for emergency care or undergoing a planned procedure usually comes with a certain degree of stress and anxiety. Of course, when you leave the hospital with further injuries because of the negligence or errors of the hospital or those who work in it, you understandably have a lot of frustration and want to hold someone responsible.

Traditionally, victims accomplish this through a medical malpractice claim that outlines failures in care that lead to injuries and losses requiring compensation. A carefully constructed medical malpractice claim with compelling documentation may still take months or even years to resolve. You must take great care as you build your claim and use the full range of legals options you have available to make sure that you stand a good chance of receiving fair compensation and to keep your rights secure.

Home health care workers face serious hazards

Health care workers who visit patients in their homes face hazards that other workers do not encounter. The nature of the job is dangerous, but these workers do important work to help people who can't remain at home without assistance.

There are some risks that can be gauged ahead of time that are common for the profession. Here are some that workers should prepare for ahead of time. Employers in field should all have protocols in place to address the situations when they occur.


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