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Cerebral Palsy Or Brain Damage From Medical Malpractice In Childbirth

Damage to the developing brain of a newborn can result in lifelong disabilities for the child, as well as profound heartache and hardships for the family. If your baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or other brain damage, you may suspect that it traces back to complications of labor and delivery. If that turns out to be true, the medical professionals and the hospital can be held accountable.

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We Understand The Challenges Of Caring For A Child With CP

Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to a specific part of the brain, manifested as physical and sometimes cognitive impairments:

  • Tremors and uncontrollable movements
  • Poor coordination and reflexes
  • Low muscle tone or contracture of limbs
  • Problems with speech and communication
  • Impaired vision or hearing
  • Cognitive deficits and learning disabilities

Cerebral palsy is not curable, but motor function and quality of life can be improved through physical therapy, special education services, medications, and even surgery. The costs of medical treatment and special care can be astronomical over the child’s life span. The financial burdens and daily challenges also take a heavy emotional toll on parents and marriages.

Cerebral Palsy Can Be Caused By Birth Injury

Lack of oxygen or direct trauma during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or neonatal care can cause permanent brain damage to a newborn. Obstetricians (OB-GYN doctors) and nurses can be held liable for failure to identify abnormalities during prenatal development, failure to anticipate a difficult birth, failure to perform a timely cesarean section delivery, or improper use of force or instruments during childbirth.

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