Chicago Nursing Home Medication Error Attorney

Many nursing home residents rely on prescription drugs to treat physical and mental ailments and to maintain their quality of life. They count on nursing home staff, including nurses and care attendants, to dispense their medication properly to meet their daily needs. When staff members are negligent, it can result in serious side effects and potentially deadly drug interactions.

Our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers stand up for victims of prescription medication errors in nursing homes and assisted living communities. To learn more about how you can benefit from attorney Steven J. Seidman’s nearly 40 years of nursing home litigation experience, contact us today for a free consultation.

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If a loved one has been hurt or died as a result of a drug error, negligent nursing home staff members should be held liable. We bring lawsuits to hold doctors, nurses, other staff members, and nursing home facilities accountable.

Nursing homes are responsible for understanding the medical needs of their residents and patients, including their medication needs. They are responsible for making sure medications are delivered on time and in the correct dosages, as well as making sure patients are not having adverse reactions to the medications.

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