Addressing Nursing Home Negligence

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is a difficult process. Most people have misgivings, which come from the fact that elderly loved ones are in a vulnerable position. They must rely upon the nursing home staff of doctors, nurses and care attendants to provide caring and adequate service to meet their daily needs. However, when a doctor, nurse or staff member is negligent or abusive, there is little residents can do.

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Spotting Neglect And Abuse

Elder care facilities exercise significant control over their residents. It can be difficult to identify when an injury or illness is the result of neglect, as opposed to the natural problems that come with age. It takes experience to know when nursing home neglect is the issue. When it is, the facility and the individuals involved should be held liable. Our attorneys have the experience to hold doctors, nurses, other staff members and nursing home facilities accountable for all forms of elder abuse or neglect, including:

  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Prescription or medication errors
  • Decubitus ulcers or pressure sores stemming from failure to turn residents at regular intervals
  • Broken bones from falls (inadequate supervision when needed)
  • Wandering, sometimes called elopement, due to inadequate supervision
  • Bruises, broken bones or other injury stemming from assaults and other abuse by staff members

If the facility is unable or unwilling to adequately explain how your loved one suffered injuries, that is a serious warning sign. Medication errors can be difficult to identify, so it is important to track what medications your loved one is taking and why. While dementia is a problem associated with some medical conditions, it is fair to ask questions if your loved one appears confused or "out of it" when you visit. Overmedication and improper prescriptions are frequently to blame.

Take Action

Due to understaffing, overcrowding and inadequate staff training, nursing home residents can fall victim to elder abuse or neglect. It is important to hold these facilities accountable for the care they provide. If your loved one has suffered an injury or premature death due to abuse or neglect, there is something you can do. Contact our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers today.