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Nursing home accidents | March 21, 2016

For many families, the decision to entrust an elderly or disabled loved one to the professionals at a nursing or care facility can be incredibly difficult. You expect nurses, physicians and other care providers to be attentive, professional and to ultimately provide your loved one with assistance they need in a respectful, dignified manner.

However, in some cases, care providers fail in their duties. Negligence, as well as verbal, emotional and physical abuse are all potential concerns for patients as well as their families. It’s important for family and loved ones to be vigilant and to know how to identify the warning signs of abuse and neglect.

Nursing home accidents | October 27, 2015

When we make the difficult decision to place our parents in nursing homes, we want to be certain they will be treated well. It is not easy to trust strangers to care for our moms and dads, and it is important not to do so blindly.

While many people receive great care in Chicago area nursing homes, you must recognize the risk of abuse and neglect. Keep your eyes open. As your parent’s strongest advocate, you can help ensure they receive great treatment.

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