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Workplace Injury | February 1, 2022

Workers and employers have responsibilities when it comes to reporting workplace injuries. Unfortunately, there can be some confusion surrounding whether or not employers or employees are required to report minor injuries that only require first aid. In general, employers are supposed to report even minor injuries to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Employees Can Generally Recover Compensation For All Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injury | January 1, 2022

Depression is a debilitating illness that affects millions of people across the United States. Often, depression is caused by job-related activities. This can include depression accompanied by another workplace injury or depression caused by the overall work environment. However, will you be able to file a claim for depression through the Illinois workers’ compensation system? Here, our Chicago workers’ comp lawyers want to discuss whether or not this is possible and the obstacles individuals in these situations may face.


Depression in the Workplace – When You May be Able to File a Claim

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