Couple Sues Pella, Claims Defective Products Caused House Damage

Product Liability | November 13, 2013

When Chicago homeowners choose new products for their home, the intent is to beautify the home and make it more functional and appealing, not cause the home to deteriorate. However, a Pennsylvania couple claims that their window purchase caused the wood in their home to rot, resulting in additional expenses for repair.

The couple is suing window manufacturer Pella Corp. for manufacturing, advertising and selling defective products. They purchased the windows when they remodeled their home. They claim that the windows they purchased from Pella allowed water to enter the home, which caused the wood in the window frames and other areas of the home to prematurely rot. The couple filed the product liability lawsuit at a federal court on Oct. 30.

The lawsuit claims that the windows are ineffective and unable to perform their ordinary purposes. It also alleges that Pella knew that the windows were defective, but hid this knowledge from consumers and continued to sell the products. The company failed to recall the products or even repair the defective windows. The lawsuit also includes accusations of negligence, fraud and breach of warranty. The couple seeks compensation for damages exceeding $5 million.

Not all products are manufactured in a perfect fashion. Sometimes there are issues in the manufacturing process that cause defects to occur. However, when these issues are brought to the company’s attention, they should make things right with the consumer. This can include fixing the defect at no cost or offering a replacement. If the defect occurred multiple times, then a recall may be in order. By simply doing nothing, a company diminishes its reputation and loses valued customers.

When a product causes damage or injury to a consumer, he or she can seek legal action. A lawsuit can help recover damages caused to a person or property.

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