Did Your Doctor’s Mistake Result in a Drug Interaction?

Medical malpractice | February 7, 2017

Doctors prescribe medications in the hope of saving or improving lives. Tragically, medications can lead to serious medical issues or even death. In some cases, it is due to a doctor prescribing the wrong medication or a nurse administering the wrong dose. In others, it can be due to problems with labeling or with the way the drug was made or handled. Sometimes, insurance issue contribute to medication injuries. A pharmacist may substitute a different drug in a similar class or group in order to bill your insurance, causing a dangerous interaction. For some unfortunate people, their drug-related injury is the result of a mixture of medications that had a profoundly negative impact on their health.

Drug interactions occur when medications taken by a patient simultaneously create negative side effects or serious injury, possibly including death. Often, these injurious and deadly drug interactions happen because of medical malpractice or neglect. If you believe you have suffered an injury due to a serious drug interaction, you should speak with a personal injury or medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

Doctors may prescribe a dangerous combination of drugs by accident

Doctors typically see many people in any given day. They often briefly scan the chart just before beginning an interview or an appointment. In some cases, they may overlook a critical piece of information, such as a medication you’ve been on for months or years. In others, they may simply be too unfocused or stressed to realize the potential for risk when prescribing a new medication. They may be unaware of herbal medications or supplements you take. There’s even a chance that they aren’t aware of the drug’s interactions with a current prescription.

Whatever the reason, drug interactions can cause seizures, strokes, heart issues, respiratory problems, digestive issues, nerve damage and a host of other serious symptoms. Those who suffer a drug interaction due to negligence or malpractice on the part of their doctor (or pharmacist) should speak with an attorney about the situation.

How can you tell if you were the victim of a preventable drug interaction?

You can input the medications you took into an online database that can determine the likelihood of a serious drug interaction. You should also arrange to speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. He or she can connect you with a physician who can review your medical records to see if your doctors overlooked something crucial that lead to a drug interaction.

Caring for yourself or a loved one after a serious medical problem can be difficult and expensive. Partnering with experienced counsel allows you to focus on recovery instead of insurance, liability and medical bills.

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