Ensuring That Trucking Companies Operate Within Guidelines

Truck Accidents | June 19, 2015

Any collision between motor vehicles can leave victims suffering from injuries. However, when those collisions involve semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles, the results can often be devastating. In some instances, truck accident victims can also suffer catastrophic injuries like the loss of a limb, serious brain trauma and even paralysis.

One truism about modern life is that medical treatments can be enormously expensive for any truck accident victim, regardless of the extent of his or her injuries. Emergency surgeries, MRI scans, hospital stays and rehabilitative therapies are all examples of things that could potentially leave truck accident victims with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Fortunately, Illinois law allows injured victims to sue negligent parties who are responsible for their otherwise preventable accidents. This can be very important to you if you are the victim of a truck driver who may have been unfit for duty at the time of your accident. This can also apply if the driver involved in your accident was impaired or distracted.

Frequent readers of our online blog may recall an earlier article we wrote where we discussed the rules that truck drivers and their employers must follow. In that article, we talked about how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains guidelines that regulate how truck drivers and trucking companies observe certain minimum standards of care.

Our law firm utilizes several techniques in order to determine whether truck drivers may have failed to comply with those regulations. In order to accomplish that goal, we will obtain the trucking logs that drivers are required to maintain in some cases. Other times, we may employ the use of a computer animation specialist to help us digitally re-create the accident. Both of those tactics can be helpful when attempting to negotiate our client’s claims with insurers or present their cases in court.

Based in downtown Chicago, we represent truck accident victims in Cook County and throughout much of northern Illinois. Prospective clients should know that we understand your injuries may prevent you from coming to our offices. In some cases, we can arrange an appointment with you to conduct a free consultation regarding your case at your home or even at your hospital.

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