[Study] How Safe is Halloween for Pedestrians in Chicago?

Firm News | October 1, 2021

New study: pedestrian accident zones on Halloween in Chicago

Halloween can be a scary time to be a pedestrian, especially in a busy city. For many parents, there is a fine line between Halloween fun and safety concerns. 

At Seidman, Margulis & Fairman & Fairman, LLP, we are concerned about pedestrian safety in our community. We wanted to better understand where pedestrian accidents happen in Chicago. So, we worked with the data visualization and consumer safety advocacy team, 1Point21 Interactive, to analyze three years of pedestrian-involved accident data on Halloween.

For the purpose of this analysis, we defined the Halloween period to begin at 12:00 am on Halloween morning to 12:00 am the following day. 

[Interactive Map] Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween in Chicago (2017-2019)

This map is interactive. Click and drag the map to zoom in and out. The size of the points is based on the weather conditions outside when each collision occurred, and the color represents the lighting condition at the time of the accident.

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