How to Give Doctors More Details

Medical malpractice | June 14, 2016

Sometimes, it feels like doctors don’t want you to give them any more details. They just ask you questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no, when you really want to talk about how something happened or why it happened. Below are some tips to break through and provide more information.

— Don’t let the doctor control the conversation. The doctor may interrupt you when you try to keep going with your answer, and many people then fall silent, thinking the doctor is in charge. This isn’t true. You’re equals in this setting. Push on and provide the information you want to provide.

— Ask questions. One way to redirect the conversation is simply to ask the doctor questions, even as he or she is questioning you. The doctor isn’t going to ignore you, and you can then steer the conversation the way you want.

— Be respectful, but tell the doctor how you feel. If you have more to say or more questions to ask, tell him or her that you’re not satisfied and the conversation needs to go on longer. Be firm without being angry, and it will work.

— Tell stories with your answers. If the doctor is just looking for a yes or no, go on a bit with each answer. For example, if asked where the pain is located, you might say: “I’ve been feeling it in my lower leg, under the knee and it seems to be stiff in the morning when I wake up.”

If a doctor doesn’t listen properly, it can lead to a wrong diagnosis. When this happens, you may be able to seek compensation in Illinois.

Source: When Doctors Don’t Listen, “6 Ways to Interrupt the Interruptions,” Leana Wen, accessed June 14, 2016

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