Recent Product Recalls

Defective Products | August 17, 2016

The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps a running list of recent product recalls so that consumers have one place to easily find the information they need. A quick scan of this list shows that a new product makes the list every few days; there are usually a handful of products that are announced every week. Below are a few current examples.

1. A chest of draws made by Sauder Woodworking has been recalled because it’s too easy for it to tip over if it is not anchored to the wall. This can be a serious hazard, especially to young children, who could be injured or even killed if the chest falls on them.

2. A magnetic world map made by Cinmar has been recalled due to the magnets used, not the map itself. If a child ingests two magnets, they can connect inside the child’s body. This could cause them to connect to body tissues, which has been linked to obstruction in the intestines and even death — though no deaths have been reported yet.

3. A pendent light fixture made by Flos was recalled. The dome that is connected to the fixture may not be attached well enough and could fall from the fixture, striking a person standing below.

4. A whiskey glass made by Dennis East International has been recalled because it can break in a person’s hand, putting the person at high risk of serious lacerations. The glasses are sold with a set of stones to cool the whiskey. Reports indicate that the glass can break spontaneously during normal use.

These are just a handful of the most recent examples, but they do a good job of showing how common recalls are and how even the most innocent of products may be dangerous. If you’ve been injured by a defective product in Illinois, be sure you know what legal steps to take to get compensation for those injuries. This could cover medical bills, the cost of a permanent disability, and the like.

Source: CPSC, “Recent Recalls,” Aug. 17, 2016

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