Rushing Leads to Workplace Accidents

Work Accidents | June 3, 2016

Do you ever feel like your boss is rushing you in the workplace? Do you feel so much pressure that you think you’ll never be fast enough, no matter how quickly you get the job done?

If so, you should know that this is common. The boss is likely worried about production numbers and overall earnings for each day, and the more work that employees can accomplish in the same amount of time, the better these are going to look.

However, experts warn that this is a dangerous mindset that often leads to accidents. Employees who are in a rush are more likely to make mistakes, skip steps and get hurt.

Want proof? The stats show that accidents in the workplace often spike when jobs fall behind. This is when a boss is pushing workers to work faster to get back on track. The accidents also spike when a holiday break is coming up and on Fridays. On those days, employees may rush themselves because they are more excited to leave.

Either way, working too fast is dangerous. Experts note that employers need to understand that safety should come first. If that means that a job takes an extra day or an extra week to get done, so be it. Employees should not be rushed for the sake of production numbers or the schedule to the point that they are injured — which is just going to set things back further.

If you were hurt in Illinois because your boss was rushing you and trying to force you to work in an unsafe manner, you may be able to seek compensation.

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