The Medical Field Is At High Risk For Work-Related Injuries

Work Accidents | October 29, 2012

Each year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a report concerning occupational injuries and illnesses. The report calculated how many injuries and illnesses are suffered per every 100 full time workers in various fields. The top finishers make up the most dangerous places to work, in terms of the likelihood of being hurt or getting sick while doing the job. Three of the top four and four of the top six most dangerous professions involve the medical field. The job that suffered the highest rate of injury and illness per 100 full time workers was nursing and residential care in a state government run facility.

The report identifies how many people miss work due to injury or illness, as well as how many days they are away from work, restricted in their work, or transferred from their job. State government run nursing and residential care facility workers suffered 13.1 cases of injury or illness per 100 workers, with each instance averaging 7.4 days missed. The second riskiest job was local justice, public order and safety work, including work as a police officer or firefighter. These workers saw 10.3 cases of injury or illness per 100 and missed 5.6 days of work on average. Third and fourth place went to nursing and residential care in local government facilities and local government hospital work, respectively. Altogether, it shows that working in a medical facility operated by any level of government is a good way to suffer high rates of injury and illness.

Construction work for local government, including heavy and civil engineering construction rounded out the top five. Each of these jobs may expose workers to dangerous conditions that can leave them with injuries or illnesses that keep them out of work for an extended time. Employers in these industries need to analyze their work environments and do what can be done to make these occupations safer.

Source: Business Insider, “It’s Ironic What Job Is Most Likely To Get You Sick Or Injured In America,” 25 October 2012

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