Serious car accident injuries don’t always cause pain

Firm News | July 13, 2018

Immediately after any car accident, it is not always easy or even possible to know if you suffered a serious injury. Many such accidents cause only damage to the vehicles involved, but more often than victims realize, an accident may also leave them with injuries that do not cause any pain or discomfort for hours or even days after the accident occurs.

An injury that does not cause pain initially, known as a delayed pain injury, is still potentially dangerous, especially if it does not receive proper medical attention. If the injury is in the victim’s abdomen, it may even worsen into a life-threatening condition before he or she realizes there is any problem at all.

It is very important to for you to seek out a full medical examination after any car accident, even if you don’t think you need one. It is far better to have the peace of mind that you are truly unharmed than to gamble with your own health and well-being by avoiding the examination and hoping that you did not receive any injuries. If you do identify any injuries, catching them early can often reduce the pain and suffering you experience as you recover, and may even save your life.

Take abdominal pain seriously

While many delayed pain injuries are quite serious and may produce lasting pain or disability, injuries to the abdomen are often life threatening by the time a victim feels them. If the pain arises because of internal bleeding, this may mean that the victim is losing too much blood internally, which is potentially deadly, but it may also indicate that the injury itself is infected and the infection is now spreading throughout the body.

Similarly, delayed pain may occur if the victim suffered damage to an organ, or multiple organs. While the body fights to repair the damage, the victim may not feel any pain, but once the organ fails, the victim will feel intense, possibly immobilizing pain, and if he or she does not receive immediate emergency care, all of his or her other organs will also shut down. This is both exceptionally painful and also deadly.

Blows to the head and spinal injuries

It is also common for head injuries and back injuries to be painless for some time after an accident. In the case of a blow to the head, the victim may suffer a minor brain injury that does not manifest any symptoms for days or even more than a week. However, once the injury begins causing complications, it may change the victim ‘s personality and make it very difficult for him or her to communicate effectively and remain focused on tasks. This can easily destroy personal and professional relationships.

A spinal injury may not cause pain immediately either, but pinched or severed nerves may soon cause numbness or tingling in the victim’s body, or may cause radiating or sharp pain that lasts indefinitely.

Protect against unnecessary suffering with a full medical examination after any car accident, even if you do not think it is necessary. If you do have injuries, you may need to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party to cover your medical expenses and address any other losses the accident caused. Take great care to protect your physical well-being and your financial future with a strong claim that addresses all your losses fairly and keeps your best interests secure.