Workers’ Compensation For Head Injuries

A head or brain injury can have catastrophic and often unpredictable results. A serious head injury can leave one temporarily or permanently disabled, with families facing serious financial challenges. If you or someone you love has suffered a head or brain injury while at work or while performing work-related duties, it is important to make sure that you obtain full and fair workers’ compensation benefits.

At Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, in Chicago, Illinois, attorney Steven J. Seidman puts nearly 40 years of personal injury law and trial experience behind every case. We help workers in countless industries pursue compensation when they have been hurt at work, and we are proud to have established a proven record of substantial results.

Take Action To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Acting quickly and decisively following a serious head injury is the best way to make sure that your family has full access to workers’ compensation benefits. If you have suffered a serious head or brain injury on the job, whether at a construction site, on the factory floor or in the office, our attorney will help you pursue all possible benefits you are entitled to, including:

  • Medical payments
  • Weekly income
  • Lump-sum payments
  • Disability
  • Current and future damages

You have rights following a workplace injury, rights that potentially include seeing your own doctor, getting benefits and payment for lost time from work, and even a permanent income if you have suffered a serious disability. We are proud to have been successful for Illinois workers over nearly three decades, and we want to help you protect yourself and your family.

Experienced Chicago Head Injury Lawyer

In Chicago, if you have suffered a serious head injury, contact our lawyers for a free initial case evaluation. We can give you the information you need to protect your right to receive full and fair compensation and benefits, including benefits you might not have known you were entitled to. Do not rely on the system or insurance companies to have your best interests as a priority. Take control of your case and your future by talking to our office.

If you are owed workers’ compensation benefits, an experienced Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer can help you maximize your recovery.