Brain Injury Symptoms Differ With Sides

Firm News | June 9, 2017

Your brain may be, in many ways, a mirror image from left to right. However, the opposite sides control very different functions, and so injuries to the brain can have a drastically different impact depending on where they take place. Below are some examples of how the injury could change your life, based on where it occurs.

Right side injuries

When the injury impacts the right side of your brain, it can hinder your vision. You may have visual memory issues, for example, or visual-spatial impairment. You may also show less attention to the left side of your body or have less control.

The way you think about your situation can also shift. For instance, experts warn that you may lose the ability to think about the big picture, often just thinking about the here and now. On top of that, you may have a decreased awareness of your deficits.

Finally, perception of music and creativity may decrease. This can be huge not just for your day-to-day enjoyment of life, but it can be detrimental to your career. Even those who don’t necessarily work in “creative” careers need the ability to think creatively.

Left side injuries

With left-side injuries, language issues often crop up. These can impact your receptive language skills, which govern how much you understand when others communicate with you, or your expressive language skills, which govern how much you can speak or otherwise communicate with others. Even if you don’t lose the ability to communicate entirely, it can become far harder. Verbal memory issues are also reported.

One of the biggest issues is that you could have “catastrophic reactions.” These could include anxiety or even depression. These brain injuries can really change the way that you feel and alter your personality. Family members often complain that they don’t feel like they know you anymore, and these changes can be the reason why.

Your logic skills may suffer impairment, as well. This can hinder the way that you make choices and decisions. Naturally, this can impact your professional life as well as your personal life. Choices that seem obvious to others could be hard for you.

Seeking compensation

No matter which side of your brain the injury impacts, the changes to your life can be dramatic. You may no longer be able to work at all, costing you years or even decades of wages. You may lose the ability to do things you once enjoyed, like traveling or playing sports. Even daily tasks can become complicated, and personality changes can drive a wedge between you and people that you love.

When you’re dealing with all of these issues and medical costs, it’s important to contact a brain injury attorney to get compensated.

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