Caution and Knowledge Can Save You From a Car Accident

Car accidents | October 12, 2016

As attorneys serving Chicago residents, we handle a lot of personal injury cases involving car accidents. In fact, we handle too many of these cases. Even though it is widely-believed that car accidents keep lawyers in business, we want you to know that we do not need or want this much business. We would rather see our neighbors remain whole and healthy instead.

Periodically, we like to remind motorists in this busy part of Illinois that they do have a certain degree of control on our roadways. By staying alert to what is happening on the road, the current weather conditions and the behavior of other drivers, it is possible to avoid some car accidents. Abiding by traffic laws at all times is also a good preventive measure. While it is impossible to predict the driving habits of other motorists, practicing safety at all times can equip you to avoid at least some collisions.

Another preventive measure that may keep you out of harm’s way is knowledge. You probably know your way around Chicago very well, but you might not know some of the dangers inherent to certain roads and intersections. FindLaw has compiled a detailed list of some of Chicago’s most dangerous roadways and intersections including:

— Stony Island Avenue at South Chicago Avenue

— Kedzie Avenue at Belmont Avenue

— Cicero Avenue and 127th Street

— Milwaukee Avenue

— La Grange Road at I-80 westbound ramp

Of course, we would love to represent you and help you recover physically and financially from any injuries you suffer in a car accident. At the same time, we would prefer for you to stay healthy, alive and out of our office. Learn more about Chicago car accidents by visiting our personal injury web pages.

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