Chicago Man Awarded $12 Million in Medical Malpractice Suit

Firm News | December 11, 2013

Most oral surgeries are routine procedures that result in minor side effects. Not many Illinois residents expect to suffer a heart attack and brain damage as a result. However, this was the case for a Chicago man, a Vietnam vet, who now suffers lifelong medical conditions due to negligence of the medical staff.

In 2007, the man had oral surgery performed at Hines V.A. Hospital. According to the claim, the hospital staff did not properly prepare the man’s heart or monitor its condition during the surgery, and he subsequently had a heart attack. The man now suffers from brain damage as a result of the hospital’s negligence.

The man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the federal government and recently received a $12 million award. The money will go toward medical bills and daily living expenses for the man.

It’s unfortunate that a man who served his country ended up receiving subpar medical care that will affect him the rest of his life. Doctors have the responsibility to ensure that patients are properly cared for to the best of their knowledge. Patients also have the right to speak up and make sure that doctors are aware of any medical conditions before undergoing surgery or any other medical procedure.

Patients need to be advocates for their own health. This means ensuring that any medical negligence is brought to the attention of the doctor and the legal system. Medical malpractice can cause severe, lifelong medical conditions, injuries or even death. Those affected by a doctor’s negligence have the right to preserve their legal rights. These rights include filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Although such as lawsuit can be costly and time-consuming, the end result can be millions of dollars in compensation – money that can be used for medical bills and other expenses.

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