Evanston, Illinois Woman Recovering After Delivery Truck Accident

Firm News | December 25, 2014

Authorities in Evanston, Illinois, say that a UPS truck driver has been cited for allegedly striking a pedestrian with a delivery truck. An Evanston, Illinois, police spokesperson reported that the accident occurred at around 5:00 p.m. on Dec. 22. According to police, the UPS truck driver had been traveling down Central Avenue and had begun to turn southbound onto Ashland Avenue when the accident occurred.

Authorities say that the turning UPS truck struck a 30-year-old Evanston, Illinois, woman somewhere near that intersection, trapping her underneath the vehicle. Police would not confirm whether the victim was in the crosswalk at the time of accident. However, police did issue the driver a citation for failure to exercise due care to avoid a pedestrian. The delivery truck driver was reportedly unaware that he had struck the woman until he heard her screams.

A UPS spokesperson reported that the truck driver is no longer driving for the company, as they conduct their own internal investigation into the accident. Police have not yet released the driver’s name, but they say a police investigation has also been initiated. Police indicated that the driver may face additional charges for citations depending on the outcome of that investigation.

Firefighters with the Evanston Fire Department were able to free the trapped woman from underneath the delivery truck. The victim was later transported to NorthShore Evanston Hospital. As of Dec. 23, her condition was reported as critical but stable. A UPS spokesperson reported that the packages on board the delivery truck were subsequently released from police custody and rerouted for delivery.

Illinois residents rely heavily for their safety on the driving skills and abilities of others. This is especially true of individuals operating commercial tractor-trailers, delivery trucks and motor coaches. Due to the sheer size and weight of most commercial vehicles, they hold a greater potential to cause serious catastrophic injuries.

Thankfully, our legal system allows victims of such accidents to seek recovery of their medical expenses and lost wages through civil litigation. Injured truck accident victims are free to retain legal representation to assist them with their claims, contact our Chicago truck accident lawyers today.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “UPS driver taken off road after truck hits woman in Evanston” Brian L. Cox, Dec. 23, 2014

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