Just How Common Are Car Accidents in Illinois?

Car accidents | July 31, 2015

Recent statistics compiled by the National Safety Council and Chicago-area news reporters indicate that car accidents in Illinois appear to be on an upward trend. In fact, those numbers show that the number of motor vehicle crashes in 2013 increased by 4 percent statewide than the previous year. Even more troubling, those statistics indicate that an average of 782 car accidents occurred each day throughout the state, resulting in almost 1,000 fatalities. As of late December 2014, at least 898 people had lost their lives due to car accidents on Illinois roadways. Here are some more facts about Illinois car accidents:

— Some safety experts suspect that lower gas prices may be fueling the uptick in fatal car accidents. The logic being that cheaper gas results in drivers logging more miles. Increasing their overall chances of experiencing car accidents.

— Nearly half of all the 2013 crashes reported in Illinois statistical data occurred in Cook County. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, traffic accidents in Chicago alone claimed the lives of 130 people. Thirty-four of those victims were pedestrians and three were bicyclists.

— The National Safety Council says that the total dollar amount associated with the 2013 crashes throughout Illinois was somewhere around $5.7 billion.

— Speeding and alcohol use appeared to be behind many traffic collisions. One report found that roughly one-third of all crashes contained an element of drivers exceeding speed limits. Alcohol was a factor in one-third of all crashes that included fatalities.

Of course, these numbers do not represent every available statistic involving car accidents throughout Illinois. However, they do highlight the fact that car accidents remain a constant everyday threat to every motorist.

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