Monitoring is Critical During Labor and Delivery

Firm News | April 6, 2020

Women who are pregnant with a baby deemed healthy expect to have a problem-free birth. While most of these women will get this, there is a chance that something will go amiss during labor or delivery. It is imperative that they keep a close watch on what’s going on so they can speak up if they think anything is wrong.

Doctors and other medical professionals who care for a pregnant woman have to keep a close eye on the mother and the baby. They have a duty to both individuals, and they are responsible for what happens. There are many things that might go awry during this process.

Errors in monitoring

Monitoring during the labor phase is important because it can clue the medical team into potential issues. For example, a baby whose heartbeat drops during contractions might be suffering from distress for some reason. Repositioning the mother and providing her with oxygen may help with this situation, but an emergency surgical delivery may be necessary.

Other issues such as placental abruption or a hemorrhage might also occur. These can also necessitate an emergency C-section. Nurses and doctors who are monitoring the woman during labor should pay close attention to her vital signs, as well as the information from the fetal monitor, to try to head these issues off if they occur.

Problems during the birth

During birth, the baby can become stuck in the birth canal. This might be due to shoulder dystocia or another condition. In some cases, there is a need to assist the woman with a vacuum extractor or forceps. These deliveries must be handled carefully because there is a risk of injury to the baby and the mother. In the worst cases, the mother or baby might die. Other life-impacting issues that can occur include internal decapitation of the baby or injury to the mother’s perineal area, birth canal or structures in the area.

When a birth injury occurs, the family shouldn’t be left holding the financial responsibility. That should fall on the liable parties. A medical malpractice lawsuit is one way that they might be able to recover the financial damages. This can include the increased cost of medical care due to the injury. It might also compensate for missed wages and other expenses. Parents should be sure to consider potential future costs so they can include those in the legal claim too. For more information, contact a Chicago birth injury lawyer at Seidman, Margulis & Fairman, LLP today.

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