New Technology to Reduce the Number of Car Accident Victims

Firm News | April 16, 2015

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of our modern lives. We rely on our vehicles to convey us back and forth daily for nearly all of our most important endeavors. Whether you commute to work or take your children back and forth to school, your car is an essential part of your daily routine. Unfortunately, the consequences of the car’s tremendous utility practically ensures that car accidents will inevitably occur. The following are some technological innovations aimed at reducing the number of car accident victims:

— Next generation electronic stability control. Since 2012, the government has required vehicle manufacturers to equip all new vehicles with ESC. This important innovation is hailed by some as the most important advancement in vehicle safety since the debut of the safety belt. ESC works to keep vehicles stable by selectively applying the brakes to one or more wheels, thus preventing some cars from sliding out of control.

— Curtain airbags. These devices are typically mounted above the windows in a vehicle’s headliner. In the event of a crash, curtain airbags are designed to deploy across the windows in an effort to reduce head injuries for passengers in both front and rear seats. Some of the more advanced head protection systems also include something known as a safety canopy. In the event that a vehicle should begin to roll over the system will automatically deploy side curtain airbags.

— Pre-collision warning systems. In a nutshell, this technology attempts to identify situations in which a collision is imminent. Typically, a vehicle equipped with this technology would alert a driver to certain road hazards by sounding an alarm or flashing warning lights. Some vehicle manufacturers have also incorporated pre-collision detection with other car systems such as the vehicle’s brakes.

It’s important to know that car accidents will continue to occur despite the advances in vehicle safety. Even the most cutting-edge safety measures cannot prevent a distracted, drugged or drunk driver from injuring you or your family members. Fortunately, Illinois law allows motorists to sue negligent drivers for compensation of their injuries. Your Chicago personal injury attorney can assist you with using the legal system to seek recovery for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: Consumer Reports, What’s next in auto safety-Innovative advances will soon make driving safer than ever, accessed April. 16, 2015

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