Time Is of the Essence in Your Illinois Truck Accident Case

Firm News | January 27, 2015

If you have been injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer, your decision to act quickly is important to preserving your future claims. In a previous posting to our website, we discussed how gathering evidence soon after a truck accident greatly increases the effectiveness of that information.

Our law firm utilizes a variety of methods on behalf of our clients to ensure that we get a full understanding of the events that may have contributed to your truck accident injuries. In some cases, we may deploy forensic investigators to comb through the accident scene. In other cases, we might utilize aerial photography or even computer animation to re-create possible scenarios. We also look at the driver’s logbooks and the trucking company’s maintenance records to ensure their compliance with state and federal regulations.

An additional tool that many crash scene investigators rely on is electronic data recovered from a truck’s electronic control module. These devices were originally developed by truck manufacturers as a way to monitor vehicle operation. The so-called “black boxes” can sometimes paint a picture of an accident simply by examining the type of data points it recorded prior to the accident.

Some common examples of ECM data are vehicle speed, the use of brakes, the percent of throttle usage, engine rpms and whether the cruise control was engaged. As you might imagine, this information could potentially prove that a driver was operating a truck in a negligent manner prior to your accident.

Like any digital information stored on a computer device, ECM data is subject to loss, corruption or erasure. That’s why it’s important to move quickly in an effort to record that data before it is unrecoverable.

Based in Chicago, our law firm has several Chicago truck accident attorneys who are experienced in successful trial litigation throughout Cook County and greater Illinois. We place an emphasis on evidence collection in truck accident cases. Solid evidence is crucial whether it’s used to present at trial or to encourage a mediation or settlement negotiation.

Prospective clients should know that we will visit with them at their hospital or in their homes if necessary. We are also available, by appointment, for consultations during evenings or weekend hours.

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