Trucker Told Not To Drive Commercially After Fatal Crash

Legal Articles | February 11, 2014

Medical conditions can interfere with a driver’s safe operation of a vehicle. When a truck accident results in a fatality, investigators may attempt to determine if the driver’s medical status contributed to the event. Truck drivers may face certain health requirements to ensure they are safe to drive commercially.

State Trooper Killed in Highway Crash; Driver Lost Consciousness

On November 26, 2012, a truck accident resulted in the death of an Illinois state trooper. A recent investigation by the U.S. Department of Transportation has indicated that the driver of the truck has medical conditions that interfere with him being able to safely drive. It appears the truck driver was unconscious At time of the fatal accident. Reports indicate he did not tell authorities about his medical condition or the medications he was taking to treat that condition. Medications were found in the driver’s truck after the crash.

The state trooper, 32, was conducting a routine traffic stop when he was hit by the truck near Litchfield, Illinois, on Interstate 55. He was married and had a 10-month-old son and a four-year-old daughter. The officer was apparently At driver’s side door of the vehicle he was stopping. Officers have the discretion to approach the vehicle from either the driver or passenger side door, depending on circumstances.

A Montgomery County prosecutor has indicated that criminal charges may be coming for the truck driver, who is a Georgia resident. A separate criminal investigation has been ongoing unrelated to the U.S. Department of Transportation inquiry. The driver, who was working for Dot Transportation Inc. of Illinois At time of the crash, has not been taking questions from reporters. He is on leave from Dot until the company’s investigation is completed.

Surviving Family Members Need Help Recovering Medical Costs

Accidents that take the life of a family member can leave behind both an emotional and financial void. Though legal action has a limited ability to address the emotional fallout of a fatal accident, it can help remedy the financial distress that is often the result of an unexpected death.

Sudden medical expenses and funeral costs, as well as other fees, can place a strain on family members still reeling from the death of a parent or spouse due to an automobile accident. A Chicago truck accident lawyer can help those recovering from the death of a loved one to obtain the compensation they deserve.

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