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Avoiding death or injury in a trench collapse

Trench collapse deaths are perhaps the scariest and saddest of construction-related deaths.

They're scary because they happen so fast that once a trench starts to collapse there's often no time to react and no chance of escape -- just one cubic foot of earth can bring up to 3,000 pounds crushing down on a victim trapped within the trench.

An attorney can help you assess a car accident settlement offer

You were recently in a serious car accident, and either you or someone you loved suffered serious injuries as a result. The accident was clearly the fault of the other driver, so now the insurance company that covered the other vehicle has offered you a settlement.

At first, it may seem wonderful to receive an offer for a lump sum payment to offset the financial and emotional losses you've suffered as a result of the accident. However, many times, that first offer presented by an insurance company is insignificant compared to what they could end up paying in a lawsuit. Once you sign the settlement, you lose the right to ask for more, even if your medical expenses rise.

Do you really need an attorney for a simple car accident case?

If you've been injured in a car accident, the process for recovering for your injuries may seem pretty straightforward: Wait until you heal, negotiate a little with the other driver's insurance company, sign a few papers and settle your claim.

Should you really hire an attorney just to do that?

Act quickly to make sure electronic evidence is presevered

If you've been involved in a truck accident, there's a very important reason that you should contact an attorney as quickly as possible: the need to preserve evidence.

Once your attorney notifies the trucking company or its insurer about the possibility of a lawsuit and provides a protective order from the court, the trucking company has an obligation to preserve any evidence that could help investigators understand what caused the accident and who was at fault.

Off-label use of medical products can lead to malpractice

What's the difference between the cautious use of a medication or medical device "off-label" and carelessly exposing a patient to unnecessary medical risks?

Using a medical product off-label means using it in a way that isn't approved or recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The off-label use of drugs and medical devices is a perfectly acceptable practice that's actually led to a lot of progress. For example, Botox injections made the leap from cosmetic surgery to use for everything from migraines to cervical dystonia over time through its careful off-label applications.

Falling ice from Chicago buildings can cause real injuries

Tall buildings can help solve issues facing cities, like lack of space for expansion. By expanding vertically, more housing and businesses can exist on the same footprint of ground space. However, tall buildings can create issues as well as solve them. One of the problems posed by the skyscrapers and other tall buildings in Chicago is falling ice. During cold weather and precipitation, ice and snow develop and harden on these tall buildings. Then, during warmer days or windy days, the accumulated ice and snow breaks free and falls toward the street, damaging cars and injuring pedestrians.

Even if you live in the suburbs and commute to work, icicles can pose a serious threat. Given how this winter season has involved numerous thaws, there is real potential for injuries and property damage as a result of falling ice. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of falling ice, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. It's possible that the building where the ice accumulated is responsible for these injuries via premises liability.

Drug testing policies and safety incentive programs: New laws

If you work for a company with drug testing policies and safety incentive programs, you should be aware that the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued new rules designed to prevent those policies from being used to quiet employees about workplace accidents.

How can a drug policy have that effect?

Predators may view nursing home residents as easy prey

Because you love and respect your parents, you do everything in your power to provide for their safety and comfort as they age. Often, this includes finding them a safe and clean nursing home facility when their physical and mental needs exceed what can be provided in their own home. No matter how carefully you screen the facility, however, it's impossible to prevent all problems. Recent reports from major news outlets highlight how shockingly prevalent sexual abuse is in nursing homes.

It can be hard for facilities that don't offer competitive pay (many nursing homes offer near-minimum wage positions) to screen out all potential problems when it comes to staff. As a result, predators who have terrible intentions may end up working in close contact with elderly adults in vulnerable positions. If your loved one has made statements that concern you about staff behavior, you should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Are you feeling unexplained pain after surgery?

Surgical procedures typically involve an element of pain. While some pain is expected, medical negligence during surgery can lead to additional, unexpected pain. It is reasonable to question whether your surgery was conducted properly if you are not getting the answers you deserve about post-surgical pain. If your doctor does not have a reasonable explanation for your pain, or if it persists longer than it should, you may be the victim of surgical malpractice.

The medical profession is not known for openly acknowledging mistakes. Patients may be ignored, even while suffering debilitating pain, if the cause is medical negligence. Many patients are forced to get a second opinion to discover what happened. Many victims of malpractice never discover the cause of their problems.

Could a defective seal on baby formula have sickened your child?

Is your baby's food safe to eat? Or could a defective seal quietly be causing it to spoil or let in bacteria that could harm your child?

A former compliance officer who worked at the Mead Johnson Nutrition Company, the United States firm that made Enfamil up until it was recently sold to a British company, claims that her 25-year career ended because she complained too often, too loudly and too far up the hierarchy trying to get someone to do something about some defective seals.

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