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Could a defective seal on baby formula have sickened your child?

Is your baby's food safe to eat? Or could a defective seal quietly be causing it to spoil or let in bacteria that could harm your child?

A former compliance officer who worked at the Mead Johnson Nutrition Company, the United States firm that made Enfamil up until it was recently sold to a British company, claims that her 25-year career ended because she complained too often, too loudly and too far up the hierarchy trying to get someone to do something about some defective seals.

Does your car have a black box that records crash data?

The odds are good that if you have a fairly newer vehicle with an airbag system, you probably also have what's known as an "event data recorder." This small device is similar to the "black boxes" that are installed in aircraft in order to record data about crashes. What could the presence of one of these EDR devices mean for you if you're involved in a serious car accident?

Here are the basics you should know.

Did your doctor's mistake result in a drug interaction?

Doctors prescribe medications in the hope of saving or improving lives. Tragically, medications can lead to serious medical issues or even death. In some cases, it is due to a doctor prescribing the wrong medication or a nurse administering the wrong dose. In others, it can be due to problems with labeling or with the way the drug was made or handled. Sometimes, insurance issue contribute to medication injuries. A pharmacist may substitute a different drug in a similar class or group in order to bill your insurance, causing a dangerous interaction. For some unfortunate people, their drug-related injury is the result of a mixture of medications that had a profoundly negative impact on their health.

Drug interactions occur when medications taken by a patient simultaneously create negative side effects or serious injury, possibly including death. Often, these injurious and deadly drug interactions happen because of medical malpractice or neglect. If you believe you have suffered an injury due to a serious drug interaction, you should speak with a personal injury or medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

Chicago bicycle accidents can be devastating for families

For bicycling enthusiasts, there is a wide range of benefits that come from their chosen form of transportation. Biking reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Bikers are engaging in aerobic exercise that helps keep their body and heart in better shape. They can sometimes commute more quickly and directly than those traveling in cars, public transportation or taxis. For many, biking is simply an enjoyable activity.

However, there is a downside to biking as a means of transportation, particularly for commuters: serious accidents with those who operate motor vehicles. If you have suffered a car/bicycle accident, you need an attorney.

What do you do in cases of nursing home neglect?

There are many excellent elder care and nursing home facilities in Northern Chicago and the nearby suburbs. Unfortunately, sometimes even places with excellent reputations can fail to provide adequate care. In some cases, expansion and growth have left the nursing homes understaffed for their current number of residents. In others, a few aides with bad attitudes or mediocre work ethics can severely impact the level of care certain residents receive.

It's a difficult decision to put loved ones into nursing home facilities. It can be heartbreaking to realize they aren't being treated the right way. If you believe your loved one is being neglected, you should speak with a personal injury attorney right away.

Can you be denied workers' compensation for medical marijuana?

In Illinois, the passing of the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program has left some employees confused about how the Compassionate Use Act and the Workers' Compensation Act relate. Here are some answers to frequent questions.

-- Can you still be required to take a drug test for marijuana after an accident?

What are the disadvantages of medical malpractice mediation?

In recent years, there's been a push toward mediation over litigation in just about every area of civil law -- and medical malpractice is no exception.

Advocates of mediation over litigation for medical malpractice say that it promotes communication and can change the perspectives of everyone involved. They argue that the results can be beneficial in ways that go beyond financial compensation, allowing families to gain more closure and encouraging hospitals and doctors to revise practices or implement new procedures that will prevent similar tragedies.

Do juries award too much in medical malpractice cases?

There's a lot of negative political press these days about medical malpractice claims suggesting that juries are just handing out ridiculously high settlements. Do these arguments have merit?

According to several decades of studies on the subject: no. Doctors are sympathetic defendants and tend to win three out of every four cases at trial. Even when a large award is given, the odds are good that the huge verdict that gets splashed across the papers will get whittled down during the appeals process and eventually settle for a much smaller sum.

Who do you sue when the delivery guy hits your car?

Just about every business out there is capitalizing on the demand for more personalized services. Grocery stores and pharmacies, in particular, have picked up on the trend, offering free deliveries to attract more customers in their highly-competitive markets.

But if you get hit by an employee using his or her own car to deliver groceries or prescriptions, who covers your costs?

When cars speak the same language

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed a new rule this month regarding communication between motor vehicles. Vehicle-to-vehicle technology allows for the sharing of important information such as speed, direction and location of nearby cars and trucks. When combined with things like driver warnings and auto-braking, this technology can help prevent accidents that even attentive drivers could suffer. The NHTSA is proposing the rule in the hopes that setting up a standard format allows competing vehicle makers to create compatible vehicle-to-vehicle technology.

Critical mass

One of the challenges of new technology is that it sometimes depends on external factors for its success. If the best technology only prevents accidents between vehicles made by the same manufacturer, it is unlikely to be a success. A Ford truck must be able to "speak" to a Honda sedan to realize the full benefit of vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The NHTSA believes that its rule will help the technology reach a critical mass, where a large majority of passenger vehicles will be able to communicate about potentially dangerous situations. Without the rule, the technology might never gain popularity among car consumers. 

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