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Child Injuries,Personal Injury,Product Liability | September 15, 2021

3 Ways Toy Manufacturers Blame Parents When Their Toys Injure Kids
The last thing any parent should have to worry about is a toy they purchase for their child causing an injury. Unfortunately, there are often various toy recalls throughout the United States each year, some of which pertain to issues that could cause significant injuries to children.

But what happens if a toy company tries to place the blame for a child’s injury onto the parents?

Child Injuries | May 9, 2021

Summer Camp Injuries & Illness: Who is Responsible?
The last thing that any parent or guardian expects is that their child will sustain an injury at summer camp. Unfortunately, children tend to get into all sorts of situations that can cause injuries. In some cases, this is nobody’s fault. However, parents and guardians expect that their child will be properly supervised and that the camp will have adequate safety measures in place to protect children. Here, our experienced Chicago child injury lawyers want to discuss who is responsible if a child sustains an injury or illness at summer camp in Illinois.

The Camp Owes a Duty of Care to Campers

Child Injuries | April 26, 2016

Summer is right around the corner, and most kids can’t wait to get outside and have some fun away from school. However, the summertime freedom that the children anticipate causes their parents a certain amount of fear and trepidation, and for good reason.

Summer is a dangerous time for kids. With kids outside for much longer periods of time and outside the more contained environment of school, the reality is that accidents occur much more frequently than they do during other seasons. But what can you do to minimize the risk for your kids?

Child Injuries | November 17, 2011

The holiday season marks a festive time for families to get together and celebrate. It is a time cherished by many children and their parents. It is also a time when injuries to children are commonplace, as they may be introduced to dangerous items, choking hazards and other threats. To ensure that you have a safe and joyful holiday season, take a moment to consider the things you can do to protect your children from harm.

Childproofing can seem like an impossible task for the parents of an active toddler. Sometimes it can feel like your children are on a mission to run into every sharp-edged corner, break every piece of glass and place every small object available into their mouths. The problems are only made worse when taking your children to friends’ or relatives’ homes. People without small children generally do not consider the hazards posed by holiday items.

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