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The Long-Term Costs of an Accident-Related Amputation

Car accidents | November 8, 2021

Amputations are one of the most catastrophic types of injuries that can occur. Amputations can happen in a wide variety of ways, including vehicle accidents, agricultural accidents, factory or warehouse accidents, and construction accidents. Here, we want to discuss the long-term costs of an amputation incident. Analyzing the Long-Term Costs of an Amputation When we…

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Safe Driving Tips for Pregnant Women

Car accidents | November 2, 2021

When you become pregnant, your entire mindset begins to change. This is especially true when it comes to day-to-day safety. Unfortunately, one of the most dangerous things that we do as humans is operate a motor vehicle. Here, our local car accident lawyers want to discuss some of the most important basic safety steps that…

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What Evidence Do You Need After a Car Accident?

Car accidents | October 8, 2021

If you or somebody you love sustains an injury or property damage as a result of a vehicle accident in Illinois, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. This is particularly true if another driver’s actions caused the crash. However, securing compensation after a vehicle accident can be challenging. In order to…

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Car Accidents Caused by Weather Conditions

Car accidents | October 4, 2021

When most people think of vehicle accidents, they think of incidents involving the careless or negligent actions of one or more drivers. However, accidents can also be caused by poor weather conditions. Here, we want to discuss what types of weather conditions are most likely to cause vehicle accidents in Illinois. Additionally, our car accident…

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Suffering a Car Accident With an Uninsured Driver

Car accidents | October 3, 2021

Vehicle accidents occur regularly in Chicago and throughout Illinois. In most cases, individuals are able to recover compensation through an insurance settlement in the aftermath of a crah. However, what happens if you are injured or sustain property damage as a result of the actions of an uninsured driver? Here, we want to discuss the…

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Claiming Damages for PTSD After a Car Accident

Car accidents | October 2, 2021

Any person who sustains injuries in a vehicle accident caused by the careless or negligent actions of another driver should be able to recover compensation for their losses. When most people think of vehicle accidents, they think of traumatic injuries such as broken or dislocated bones, concussions, spinal cord injuries, etc. However, crash victims can…

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Who is at Fault in a Chain-Reaction Car Accident?

Car accidents | September 21, 2021

Chain-reaction car accidents can result in significant injuries and extensive property damage for those involved. These incidents are particularly frustrating because it can be incredibly challenging to prove fault for what happened. Often, there are three or more drivers involved in chain-reaction crashes, which means that there will be multiple insurance carriers all trying to…

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Spinal Stenosis from a Car Accident

Car accidents | September 20, 2021

It is not uncommon for those involved in a vehicle accident to experience some sort of back or neck pain as a result of the force of the collision. Even when a person is wearing a seatbelt and if the airbags deploy, the body is still often jolted in unnatural positions, which can put significant…

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What is Gap Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Car accidents | September 18, 2021

Anybody who owns a vehicle understands that they have to have insurance before they can legally drive it on the roadways of Illinois and throughout the US. When most people think of vehicle insurance, they think of personal injury liability and property damage liability. Perhaps uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage comes to mind. However, many…

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