Man Offers Reward For Answers In Motorcycle Accident

Legal Articles | February 11, 2014

Not every motor vehicle accident comes with easy answers. Sometimes it is hard even for investigators and first responders to pinpoint the cause of a motorcycle accident. Survivors of fatal motorcycle crashes often face both physical and emotional recoveries, especially if the deceased was a loved one.

Oil Spill Suspected in Fatal Crash; Man’s Wife of 14 Years Killed

On April 16, 2012, a woman was killed when the motorcycle she and her husband were riding skidded on a suspected oil spill and dumped both of them. She suffered traumatic brain injuries and died three days later when she was taken off of life support at an area hospital. Her husband suffered non life-threatening injuries to his shoulder, chest, and leg.

Now the man is seeking answers to the origin of the spill that caused the crash, which occurred when the couple was riding their new Harley-Davidson to breakfast. The man, 63, has posted signs with a phone number near the crash site; he is offering a $5000 reward for information.

Investigators located an oil filter that appeared to have come off the vehicle that leaked the oil. The filter, however, is used for about 350 purposes, so the filter does not give investigators any information about what type of vehicle may have leaked the liquid. The accident, which occurred in Berlin, Connecticut, is no longer being investigated. Law enforcement officials said that if the source of the fuel spill comes to light, the investigation might be reopened. The survivor of the crash could potentially file a civil suit if he learns the identity of the party who spilled the liquid.

The man has stated that he was only driving at about five miles per hour when the crash occurred. He told reporters he asked his wife not to leave him when she was lying unconscious At accident site. She never regained consciousness. The two had bought a camper and planned to travel the country in it; they never had the chance to use it.

Legal Counsel Can Be an Important Part of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Even when it is clear who was at fault for a fatal accident, filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be complicated. When it is necessary to prove the identity of the person responsible for the accident, it is especially important to rely on sound legal counsel.