What Should I Do After a Construction Zone Accident?

Construction Accidents | December 15, 2020

What Should I Do After a Construction Zone Accident?

Roadway construction is not uncommon in Illinois, particularly in and around the major metropolitan areas. While road construction projects are an integral part of maintaining and improving our roadways, accidents in and around construction zones are not uncommon. If you or a loved one are involved in a vehicle accident in a construction zone in Illinois, you need to know what steps to take to ensure your well-being and secure any compensation you may be entitled to. Contact our Chicago construction accident lawyers today.

Work Zone Crash Statistics In Illinois

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, a work zone “is an area of a trafficway (right-of-way line to right-of-way line) where construction, maintenance or utility work activities are identified by warning signs, signals or indicators, including those on transport devices that mark the beginning and end of a construction, maintenance or utility work activity.”

During the latest reporting year of data, there were 6,249 total work zone crashes across the state of Illinois. As a result of these incidents, there were 17 fatalities and 1,625 injuries. Out of those seriously injured or killed, most were drivers or passengers inside of vehicles. Only one roadway construction worker lost their life during the latest reporting year in Illinois.

What You Should Do After A Construction Zone Accident

There are various steps you can take after a construction zone accident to help ensure your well-being and improve your claim to secure compensation. First, you need to seek medical assistance for yourself and any passengers in your vehicle. Even if you do not feel much pain, let a doctor evaluate you. If you delay seeking medical treatment, this could jeopardize any settlement you receive from an insurance carrier or at-fault party.

Additional steps that you can take following a construction zone accident that can help prove liability in the case include the following:

  • Calling the police to report the incident. Call 911 and make sure that the police come to the scene. It is crucial that you let a law enforcement officer conduct an investigation into the incident and determine fault.
  • Gathering evidence. If you are able to do so safely, use your smartphone or another camera to take pictures of any evidence at the scene. This includes damages to vehicles, damages to construction material, possible roadway obstructions or causes of the crash, debris, injuries, and more.
  • Getting eyewitness information. If there were any eyewitnesses to the crash, including bystanders or those in other vehicles, get their names and contact information so that they can speak to insurance carriers or attorneys if necessary.

This evidence will be crucial when it comes to determining liability for the incident. Often, construction zone crashes are caused by the careless or negligent actions of a driver. However, there are times when a construction company or subcontractor will be liable for the incident. The state of Illinois requires that road construction companies follow certain safety procedures in order to prevent accidents. If the careless or negligent actions of a construction worker or their employer cause the crash, the driver involved may be able to pursue a personal injury and property damage compensation.

Construction companies are responsible for:

  • Putting up signs to inform drivers of traffic pattern changes and reduced speed limits.
  • Leaving enough space to allow vehicles to avoid construction barricades in equipment.
  • Warning drivers if construction vehicles need to interrupt traffic flow.
  • Posting signs and locations that give drivers ample warning to slow down or make driving changes.

You need to work with a skilled Chicago personal injury attorney as soon as possible so they can begin gathering the evidence needed to prove liability in these cases.

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