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Bus Accidents | November 3, 2021

School Bus Safety Tips
As a parent, we know that there is nothing more important than the safety of your child. This is especially true when it comes to school buses. However, school bus laws often seem vague or confusing for parents. Here, our team of local injury lawyers wants to do what we can to explain the most important school bus safety measures that you need to be aware of.

Some Common School Bus Safety Rules

Bus Accidents,Child Injuries | August 10, 2021

Preventing School Bus Accidents in Illinois
School buses play an integral role in our society. These vehicles get children to and from school and other school-related events, which is an incredibly important service for working parents. However, accidents involving school buses do occur in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Even though school bus drivers have tremendous responsibilities, they cannot be the only ones working to prevent these accidents. Here, our Chicago bus accident attorneys want to discuss the steps that you can take to help prevent school bus accidents from occurring.

School Bus Accidents Can Cause Severe Injuries

Bus Accidents | August 7, 2021

Steps To Take If You Are Injured In A Bus Accident In Illinois
Buses play a vital role when it comes to the transportation infrastructure of Chicago and throughout Illinois. These vehicles allow residents and visitors to get to and from their destinations on a regularly scheduled basis. However, accidents involving larger buses can result in devastating injuries for those inside the bus as well as others involved in the impact. Here, our bus accident lawyers in Chicago want to discuss the steps you should take if you are injured in an Illinois bus accident.

Bus Accidents Often Lead To Severe Injuries

Bus Accidents | May 19, 2021

What To Do After a Bus Accident in Chicago
Bus accidents often result in devastating injuries for those involved. When a bus accident occurs, the immediate aftermath of the incident is usually chaotic. There are usually many injury victims that need treatment at the same time, and those involved are often left wondering what steps they need to take immediately following the incident. Here, we want to discuss what should happen after a bus accident occurs in Chicago. We do understand that all of the steps we discuss here may not be possible in all cases, and our Chicago bus accident lawyers are standing by to help you get through this.

1. Call the Police

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