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Who is At Fault in a Car Accident Changing Lanes?

Car accidents | July 8, 2021

Lane changes are perhaps one of the most dangerous things that a person can do on the roadway. Even though changing lanes may seem like a routine procedure, the reality is that there is a certain amount of care and skill required to safely carry out these maneuvers. Unfortunately, accidents involving lane changes are not…

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Construction Site Injuries & Third-Party Claims in Illinois

Construction Accidents | July 3, 2021

Accidents occur at construction sites with regularity. Despite stringent regulations about workplace safety in construction areas, the reality is that there are going to be times when injuries occur. In most situations, a person injured on the job at a construction site will be entitled to workers’ compensation insurance to help pay for their medical…

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Can a Car Accident Cause Fibromyalgia?

Car accidents | July 1, 2021

Car accidents regularly lead to injuries that are immediately apparent. This can include broken and dislocated bones, severe lacerations, spinal cord trauma, and more. However, car accidents can also cause injuries that do not show up right away. One of these injuries is called fibromyalgia, which is a medical condition that can lead to severe…

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Who Pays for My Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

Car accidents | June 20, 2021

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, the number one priority will have to be obtaining medical care so you can make a full recovery. However, after the initial emergency is over with, the concern will quickly go to how to pay incoming medical expenses. After all, if another driver was responsible for the…

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Signs of Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck Accidents | June 15, 2021

The last thing that any person expects when they are on the roadway is that they will be involved in an accident with a large commercial truck. However, these accidents do occur, and they often result in severe injuries for those inside traditional passenger vehicles. One of the main causes of truck accidents in Illinois…

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What Is Personal Injury Protection?

Car accidents | June 11, 2021

People know that they have to obtain and maintain the minimum car insurance requirements for the state of Illinois in order to remain legal on the roadway. We will get into the specific types of insurance needed in a moment, but we also want to mention a type of auto insurance coverage that many people…

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Can I Still Recover Damages If I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet During a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Accident | June 8, 2021

Motorcycle accidents are often devastating for the motorcyclists involved. Unfortunately, the sheer size and weight of other vehicles on the roadway often mean that motorcyclists sustain significant impacts when a crash occurs. In the state of Illinois, the law does not require motorcycle operators or passengers to wear helmets. However, it is highly recommended that…

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Handling a Personal Injury Claim on Your Own vs. Hiring A Lawyer

Personal Injury | June 4, 2021

If you or somebody you care about has sustained an injury caused by the careless or negligent actions of another individual or entity, you will likely be entitled to various types of compensation. However, securing that compensation can be challenging. Often, injury victims attempt to handle these cases on their own when dealing with insurance…

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